" We characterize a fine technical editor by the ability to condense the necessary information and make them available for the target groups. "
- EVOip GmbH -
Technical Editing

Why should companies invest in professional documentaries done by a technical editor?

Over the last years, higher education institutes reacted on this demand, however, the industry demands for technical editors still outnumbers the supply of qualified technical staff.

Technical Editing is a valuable service for the customer or user.

Technical Editing also provides features of the product or service.

And Technical Editing underlines the professionality and improves brand recognition.

This demand usually gets solved by hiring technical editors or in our case is assigning to specialised service companies.

EVOip - as a service company for IP professionals - responses to this need, and is offering you a specialized on-demand service allowing you to stay focused.


EVOip's Technical Editing Service Portfolio

Invention Disclosure Form Handling

Highly qualitative service in handling Invention Disclosures from understanding your ideas to finalizing the invention description.
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Technical Drawings / Patent Figures

Providing high-quality technical drawings for invention disclosures in a timely manner, following rules of designated patent offices.
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Defensive Publication

Drafting invention descriptions fitting your purpose of document's visibility, to anonymous publishing your invention disclosures.
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