" Through the use of EVOip IP Management tools, we have saved a lot of time.
In this way, we have successfully overcome daily communication barriers in the co-operation with R&D and have made an active contribution to the patent department. "
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Do you have

an Intellectual Property Portfolio of 50 or more patents?

Do you want to

defend, within the framework of the respective granting procedures, without substantial cost?

Collision of Protection Rights or Inspiration and Technology Transfer for R&D?

Every month hundreds of thousands of new patents are published that could attack your IPRs.

The monthly flood of information, however, can not be mastered with limited resources and resources, so that the deadlines for filing expiration are untroubled.

As a Product Developer, you will quickly find solutions from existing legally-binding patents or the state-of-the-art.

Here, you have to decide which solutions you can use, and which legally binding solutions must be evaluated.

backlogs in your IP operation?

IP Budget tracking and estimating

IP Portfolio Analysis

Competitor and Market Monitoring

Technology Monetization

EVOip's IP Management and IP Intelligence

At EVOip, we can help your company to lessen the pressure for the IP Departments with our tailored services to specific situations. To enable optimal IP analysis, we integrate machine analysis and expert intelligence. In this way, you can prepare and implement for your companies a sustainable IP Portfolio.
What EVOip offers:

Detailed IP Portfolio Analysis

Monetary IP Valuation

Identify business strengths of your IP Portfolios

Develop specific action plans to strengthen IP Portfolios

Create IP Map to understand your IP Landscape

What makes EVOip's IP Management unique?

Execution by qualified IP professionals and experienced patent engineers

Individual preparation of each document for you

Audience-oriented design

We provide solutions in improving your IP rights position in the long term, as well as managing risks in a forward-looking manner.

To evaluate and to make the precise decisions at the early stage, our professional IP Management supports you in positioning, decision-making and documentation.

Therefore, either small-/ or medium-sized companies or international groups, you always keep the holistic picture of your R&D processes and IP rights with EVOip's IP Management.