EVOip's IP Engineering Services

As a trusted partner in IP Engineering Services, we support corporations of all industries and sizes in:

How IP Engineering

can reduce cost in the IP Value Chain?

How IP Engineering Services

can be used to generate, leverage and monetize your IPRs?

Innovation Support

EVOip provides IP Consulting by discovering potential IP assets for new products & services. We carry out this support in forms of IP Harvesting, Ideation Creation and Developer Workshops.
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Patent Search

Professional Patent Search service for patent (in)validity and specific technical subject matter, conducted by experienced IP Experts and Patent Specialists.

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Technical Editing

We provide standardized and complex technical sketches for your inventions / patent applications. Other technical services to your inventions include Invention Disclosure Form Handling and establishment of an effective Defensive Publication strategy.
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IP Management

We together with our clients manage and develop R&D Projects as well as their IP Strategy. By using effective IP Management Software and analytic tools, we are able to derive strategic measures fitting to business-unit's specific properties and requirements.
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For IP Departments

EVOip supports in-house patent and IP departments in reducing IP risks and leveraging IP resources optimally.

  • IP Harvesting and IP Mapping
  • Ideation workshops
  • IP Consulting
  • Invention Disclosures Drafting
  • Patent Portfolio Categorization and Analysis
  • IP Strategy for portfolio strengthening
  • Defensive Publication Drafting

For Patent Law Firms

Law firms benefit from collaboration with EVOip's patent specialists by improving quality in patent prosecution.

  • Patent Search for FTO, Invalidity, non-English Search
  • Technical Editing (Patent Figures, IDFs Drafting)
  • White label solutions


We strengthen IPR protection and secure IP offered opportunities for SMEs' inventions.

  • IP Harvesting and IP Mapping
  • Ideation workshops
  • Infringement identifications
  • Patent search for FTO, Invalidity
  • White spot analysis
  • Landscaping analysis
  • IP Awareness

Our IP Service Packages

Standard IP ServiceIntellectual Property services including Patent Search Service, Patent Evaluation and IP Creation. These services are carried out by EVOip’s experienced IP specialists.
Tailored IP ServiceWe perform project- or client-based IP Consulting and provide with trusted solutions. EVOip's expertise can cover special demands of our clients and tailor IP solutions to specific scenarios

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