"Learning never exhausts the mind."

Leonardo de Vinci

During our journey to create an evolution in IP industry, we value all IP insights and experiences from our partners, customers and prospects. In form of (live) webinars, we share and exchange these values further to IP interests and professionals.

The six new IP realities (part 1)

In this conversation, we talked about six new realities in the IP sector that IP Managers could act on.
And it's not AI.
In this two-part talk, we presented three IP realities each and how to use them for your advantage.
The target audience for these talks are IP Managers - if you are an IP lawyer, IP professional or entrepreneur.

#IPmarket #IPManagement #Digitalization

The six new IP realities (part 2)

Following the first discussion, 3 next IP realities will be discussed in our second episode.
This time, we share our views on the value in IP Management, IP Professions and IP Partnership.
(inspired by John Doerr)

#IPvalue #IPteam #IPprofession #IPpartnership

FTOs done right - Best practices from IP Professionals

40 minutes are not much time to explain FTO (Freedom to Operate). Therefore, in this session, we focus on the aspect of managing FTO rather than patent search for FTO.

This content is ideal for IP Managers, patent counsels, Business owners and patent attorney candidates, and anyone else that like to get an introduction to FTOs and be able to spot a good FTO.

#FTO #IPManagement #GIGO

The design of Invention Disclosures Experience

Our next conversation will be all about the design of the invention disclosures, which has a direct influence on the total amount and quality of invention submissions.

In this event, Ricardo Cali will share his insights (of contributing to 200+ invention disclosures) on how to achieve more qualitative invention disclosures and how to make the submitting experience as convenient as possible.

#Innovation #InventionDisclosures #StayInnovating

Defensive publication as a solution

In this talk, not only formal and technical requirements for a sufficient document will be presented, but Ricardo will also share practical guides on how to publish and integrate a Defensive Publication Strategy into your IP Value Chain.

#DefensivePublication #IPstrategy #IPmanagement

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